We live in times when protecting our devices has become essential. There are many attacks that we can suffer when surfing the net, visiting web pages and, ultimately, using any computer connected to the Internet. For this reason we must always have software that protects us, keep our systems updated and also maintain common sense. In this article we are going to talk about why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to transform cybersecurity.

AI and Machine Learning will improve security

In the same way that hackers constantly improve their techniques to attack and achieve their objectives, the truth is that we can make use of new tools and functions with which to protect ourselves. We can prevent threats from entering thanks to some features of our systems that are constantly updated.

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will play a fundamental role. For many computer security experts they will change the landscape in the coming times. We are going to talk about it in this article.

One of the aspects in which Artificial Intelligence is going to be important is to do a tracing of past data and records to determine the risk score. In this way we can tackle security risks in better conditions.

Machine learning technology will take into account behavioral patterns, geolocation, login time, and other factors that determine the risk involved with the end device.

Inteligencia Artificial

Improve mobile security

It will also help improve mobile security. As we know, it is these types of devices that have suffered the most threats in recent times. In this sense AI and machine learning will be very important. Machine Learning can serve to take an alternative approach to password and credential protection. For example, it could know when a device or system is used to activate protection or how we use it.

Without a doubt one of the most important dangers today is Phishing attacks. Here AI and AA are going to play a very important role, as they can help us detect these attacks. Your mission is to identify suspicious emails, for example.

In the same way, they will serve to redefine security in the applications we use. There are many tools that we use in our day to day and in this sense we can run into problems that affect us. Therefore, this type of technology will be very important, as it is capable of learning more about malware attacks and the possible strategies used in applications.

On the other hand, they could also help predict and respond to abnormal behaviors. They will use different algorithms to continually check our system and detect any problems.

In short, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be very important in cybersecurity in the coming years. It will bring us major improvements.

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By Ing. Evelio Carmenate Cisneros

Expert in Health Policies in the Directorate of Informatics and Communications of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba.

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