The cloud is something that is increasingly present in our day to day. Many private users and also companies use this type of services to share files, create backup copies, host documents of all kinds … Now, we can also find some problems in their use. For this reason, in this article we want to show the most important challenges of migrating everything to the cloud.

Challenges of migrating to the cloud

This is a process that many users and organizations carry out. They go from having all the files, the applications they use and the content available on physical devices to the cloud. However, it is not something simple and that we can take lightly, especially when it comes to an organization where we use certain tools or we have a large number of files and content.

For this reason, we wanted to compile the main challenges of migrating to the cloud. A series of issues to consider. In this way we can also overcome possible inconveniences when using this type of platform.

Difficulty migrating complex applications

One of the most important difficulties is to migrate complex applications and tools that we use to make them available in the cloud. Admittedly, this is very useful, especially in today’s times when teleworking is something that is very present. However, not all organizations can carry out this action.

Many tools and applications of our day to day work from the cloud. But keep in mind that others can pose a significant challenge by not being so easy to implement or not being so available.

Filtración de datos en la nube

Learning period

It should also be mentioned that it requires a learning period. This is something that will affect both private users and companies. When we migrate to the cloud, a series of new features, functions and tools are opened that we will have to learn to use.

All this supposes a learning period that can be less or more depending on the type of user, organization, the tools that we need to use … However, it is something that must be taken into account.

Cloud cost

Logically, the cost of the cloud can also be a problem, a challenge that we must face. It is something that we must keep in mind before embarking on this path and migrating our files and systems.

Today we can have a large number of options, tools of all kinds. It is a matter of choosing the one that best suits our needs and thus also reduce costs.


The cloud is also going to have limitations. It offers us many possibilities and we will have very interesting functions. However, we must also have the possible limitations that we must overcome. This is something that can affect both individual users and companies and organizations.

Security issues and risks

Of course we should not forget about security problems and risks. It is a vital factor for everyone and we must always take steps to avoid falling into trouble. However it is something that is present.

When we host content in the cloud we must choose very carefully the platform we use. We must be sure that it does not have vulnerabilities or bugs that can be exploited, for example. It will also be vital to protect those devices that we use and always maintain common sense so as not to make mistakes.

In short, these are some challenges that we will have to face if we decide to migrate to the cloud. They are platforms that can help us in our day to day, that will offer us a wide range of possibilities and benefits, but we must also have possible drawbacks and risks. We have seen the most important challenges, the issues that we must not forget that may arise when we opt for this type of service, regardless of whether we are private users or if we are part of an organization.

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By Ing. Evelio Carmenate Cisneros

Expert in Health Policies in the Directorate of Informatics and Communications of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba.

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